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How to do Goal-Setting

Goals serve as “lighthouses” on our journey and remind us of the direction in which we’re headed. How can you set clear, effective, and meaningful targets that can motivate – not pressure – employees? And how can they get the latter’s buy-in?  
As a coach, we are privileged to have assisted many like you in this endeavour. Through my conversations with professionals in various industries and fields, we have developed the following steps for annual goal-setting for employees.

How to conduct layoffs the “right” way

With massive layoffs making the headlines every other day in this economic climate, company leaders are finding themselves in unenviable positions. 
If you have to lay off employees for the company’s survival, how can you do it in the least disruptive and most supportive way? Apart from severance, resources such as financial consultancy and career coaching can also be availed.

How to deal with imposter syndrome
after a promotion?

For many, a promotion calls for a celebration. But for some, being awarded a new, shiny title comes with a great deal of self-doubt. Left unmanaged, imposter syndrome can shake the joy out of a well-deserved achievement. How does one get out of their own way and truly embrace this transition?

Resenteeism to resolution:
Managing passive-aggressive behaviours
at work in 5 steps

The last year has given rise to a great many buzzwords — from “quiet-quitting” to “resenteeism”. These seldom account for the nuances of employee disengagement, but they resonate with employees for a plain reason – validation. But by using these buzzwords flippantly, however, we may inadvertently oversimplify a complex topic and overlook crucial details. 

Xiao Ling, Executive Coach

As a seasoned psychotherapist and executive coach, Xiao combines her expertise in psychology with leadership coaching and brings a unique perspective to the business world. 

Based in New York with a global reach, Xiao has worked with clients from various industries, cultures, and backgrounds, gaining a deep appreciation for the unique challenges and opportunities that arise in different cultural contexts...

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