Xiao Ling, LMHC

As a seasoned psychotherapist and executive coach, Xiao combines her expertise in psychology with leadership coaching and brings a unique perspective to the business world. 

Based in New York with a global reach, Xiao has worked with clients from various industries, cultures, and backgrounds, gaining a deep appreciation for the unique challenges and opportunities that arise in different cultural contexts.

With a deep understanding of human behavior and the psychological principles that underlie effective leadership, Xiao helps executives to navigate the complexities of business and organizational dynamics in today’s ever-changing environment. 

It takes courage to acknowledge the need for growth and seek professional help. With this in mind, Xiao holds a safe space with necessary challenges for clients to explore and clarify their leadership styles, discuss their goals and ambitions, identify and overcome challenges, and ultimately create a sense of purpose and meaning that goes beyond mere success. 

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